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Low Pressure Screw Air Compressor

Designed especially to deliver 3-5 bar with maximum energy efficiency, ADEKOM Low Pressure series is an innovative rotary screw compressor perfectly suited for low-pressure applications such as textiles industry, cement industry, glass blowing industry, water treatment industry, building materials and chemical industry.

Saving 20-50% Energy Consumption

Nowadays, most of the customers are operating 7-8 bar compressors with pressure reducing valve at discharge when only 3-5 bar system air pressure is needed, this causes huge energy wastage. By choosing Adekom’s Low Pressure series rotary screw air compressor, you can expect exact working pressure of air you need but produce much higher air capacity at the same motor rating which equivalent to saving of 20-50% electricity cost. This big saving can shorten the investment payback period to as quick as one year and it continues to pay you back with every hour of installation.



Big diameter rotors with low rotation speed can achieve higher efficiency, lower noise level, less vibration and consume less power. Specially designed inlet air filter that prevents dirt and airborne contaminants from reaching compressor components and causing damage or premature wear.Large dimensions high efficiency oil separation system to ensure oil carryover in discharge compressed air less than 3 ppm.

The continuous task of improving our compressors leads to enhanced product performance and market competitiveness. We utilize the latest in design and manufacturing technologies.





  • Different voltage and frequency power supply models other than 380V/3ph/50Hz are available upon request.
  • Water-cooled models are available as option, please consult manufacturer or your local sales agent for related technical parameters.
  • Unit performance measured according to ISO1217 (GB/T3853) test code under unit loading.

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