The almost loss-free power transmission guarantees reliable, high-performance compressor operation. The regular maintenance requirement is reduced to lubrication of the motor. All the electronic components are brand products of leading manufacturers, rives and electrics.
The centrepiece of Direct-driven Screw compressor is the air end. The optimal air end for your compressor can be used on a modulating basis. In frequency-controlled units, where the operating pressure changes, adjustments can also be made on the frequency controller to optimally adjust the speed of the compressor to the compressor performance.
Only electric motors from well-known manufacturers of protection class IP55 IE3 are used in our Direct-driven Screw compressor. As a standard, the drive motors are monitored both thermally (via the thermistor of the motor) as well as electronically(overload protection via the frequency inverter).
Ultimate efficiency and reduced noise of advantages of our new EVO® technology of air end made in Germany.
Optimized air-cooled system, higher efficent fan motor and oversized cooler german designed with excellent energy-saving performance, durable in high-temp working environment.
It has 99.99% filtration efficiency and fully complies with ISO 5011 standards.
The air purity meets ISO standard 8573-1:1991, Class 3 Oil Residues.
Simply control with all the parameters show on the screen, high precisely durbale button and remote control optional.
IP55 IE3 motor in CE & MEPS standard high temperature F class, Optimized fan and fan cover designs ensure the optimum cooling and quieter operation. Oversized cast iron conduit boxes make connections easy. Safe and reliable operation in high-temp working environment.
No fuse for control line: Stable and reliable protection for exposed terminals safety. High quality transformer: CE ; Stable and reliable, High quality terminals: CE ; Stable and reliable.
The special design to keep the driving system more safe and longer life reliable.
Advanced design to adjust volume 0-100% smoothly, less air pressure lost or oil leaking. Utilize a normally closed inlet valve, which provide very smooth Y-∆ starting. It’s advanced design also results in the very low inlet pressure drop, thus more air flow and higher compressor efficiency.